A Million Reasons to Love Being a Dad

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As a new dad or a soon to be dad or even an experienced dad, you will often hear about the challenges you will face when raising your kids. But the thing is, there are a MILLION reasons why being a dad is the best job you will ever have! You are in charge of this little person, and you help to shape them into the adult they will become. It can be hard to choose what the best part of the role is, but here are our top 10, from the millions of reasons to love being a dad: 


“I get to mould a life into a decent human being. Which is terrifying as well…..”

When you have a new baby, you realise how much responsibility you have as a dad!  It changes your outlook as you want to ensure that your child has the best memories and opportunities you could possibly give them.  

“You get a best mate that always brightens your day”

Kids are wonderful, and when you become a dad, you get a new best friend who will always make you smile! Little children say the funniest things that will have you cracking up, and you can be the mate who takes them for their first pint when they hit 18!


Self explanatory as to why this is one of the most important reasons to love being a dad! 

“I get to be a kid all over again!”

Who said playing with lego was only for kids!  As a parent, it is so important to make wonderful memories with your kids messing around and having fun, and it lets you take your hair down and have a laugh.  

“It’s given me a purpose greater than anything else”

When you become a dad, you realise your children look up to you like you are a superhero, and you realise there is nothing you won’t do for them! It is the fire inside you that pushes you on more than anything else in the world, making sure everything is perfect for your kids. 

“I secretly love watching cartoons and have a legitimate excuse”

Saturday morning cartoon shows are the best, and watching them with your kids is totally a legitimate excuse!  By watching your children’s favourite cartoons with them, you are showing that you respect their choices, and they will understand the message the TV show is trying to teach them!

“Someone new to share my toilet jokes with and embarrass at every opportunity”

Pull my finger never gets old when you are a dad! 

“Spending quality family time”

Sharing quality time with your kids is one of the reasons to love being a dad!  Seeing their smiling happy faces as you go out on family adventures is one of the most rewarding things possible. 


“Learning from your kids”

As a parent, your kids are always teaching you new things.  One of the things my kids taught me is that everyone has the opportunity to do amazing things. They go from needing constant care and attention, to suddenly walking around and being self-sufficient in the space of a couple of years! It teaches you that achieving amazing things takes time, but everyone can do it.

“Unconditional love”

When you become a dad, you realise you will always love your kids no matter what.  This unconditional love you feel is like no other you will ever experience, and is one of the millions of reasons to love being a dad. 


What are your favourite reasons to love being a dad?  Tell us in the comments down below!

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