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Monthly Baby Must-haves #2

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 02/06/2015

Have you ever looked at your front room and thought to yourself that you could open up your own NCT nearly new sale? Or host a car boot sale from your own house? It feels like that for us. We have so many wonderful things for the boy that seem to become more and more essential to our daily life. This feature is designed to sum up a few of those products and show off some of our favourite things.

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This Nuna Sena travel cot has been a god send! It’s ideal for giving to Grandma for his nap times or taking to friends houses if their facilities are limited. The fact that it folds up and down, with one hand, SO easily is the best thing about it. It’s lighter than our previous one, but still a good, substantial weight due to the sturdy aluminium, zig zag frame. This zig zag design is why it is so easy to put up and down. It comes with a brilliant carry case as well; not like those carry cases that you can never get the product back into!

Some of it’s the features are:

– The lush, quietly mattress that Velcro’s in place.

– The fact to is raised slightly to prevent draft.

– Padded edges to prevent finger pinching… Ouch!

And I think you’ll agree, that this has to be one of the best looking travel cots on the market! It’s super stylish and would fit in to any room in the house! Take a look at the Nuna website for more info or buy the Nuna Sena 2015 here

We recommend this product and give it an official Dad Network star rating of 4.5 / 5

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We found this clock at The Baby Show from Little Timbers and fell in love with it. I had a clock when I was a baby and still had it when I was 15!!! I think it’s important to teach children the time, on an analogue clock, from the get go! And this is the tool I’ll be using! The trouble is at the moment, he is so distracted by it, he won’t go to sleep. He’s up in his cot pointing at it. It is cool so I can see why he’s so into it!


I guess this isn’t technically a baby must-have, but it is a must-have! This is a smart home gadget with a camera and motion sensor, that lets users control as many appliances as they like in their home. For instance, you can set it so the lights turn on when you enter a room, or set the kids’ TV / Xbox to turn off at a certain time. Piper nv is an all-in-one home security, video monitoring and home automation device that lets you stay connected to your home wherever you are. Accessible through the Piper app, you can view a live HD stream of your home and it also includes a clever motion and sound detector so it can alert you when something out of the ordinary happens and the new version includes 180-degree night vision, the widest field of view on the market and advanced camera resolution. Piper is simple to use and I’ve had a lot of fun with it! Take a look at their website for more details or buy your own Piper NV here.


We’ve been thinking about baby proofing our home recently and getting a play pen has been high on our agenda. We stumbled across this Phil & Teds Travel cot come play pen and thought it ticked all the boxes. Lightweight, easy to assemble, easy to story, safe and a good size. The great thing about this, is that one side unzips to create a brilliant, usable space. We really like it and definitely recommend it! Ted enjoys playing in it too and we’ve used it as a play pen in the house and out in the garden. Take a look at them more closely here.


This little personalised basket is perfect for keeping a few toys tidy in the living room. Rather than have a huge toy box and the room looking like an atomic toy bomb has exploded, this is a great way of keeping tidy. It’s from one of our favourites – a company called Papucci. It’s also brilliant for keeping a few nappies & wipes in. We found that it is crucial to have nappies & wipes in every room!!! Ted likes to use it to play peek-a-boo with, the uses are endless!

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This beautiful wooden toy horse is from a company called Babyhara.  I’m a huge fan of the traditional wooden toys and this one is beautifully made and great quality. Babyhara deliver all of their gifts in beautiful packaging. Ted loved pulling open the bright green bow on the box to find out what was inside. Babyhara features a range of beautiful baby clothing, toys and accessories that are great for baby showers, baby birth gifts, as well as 1st birthday gifts. We will definitely be regular customers.

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  1. You Baby Me Mummy

    Ted is such a little dude! Great round up, I love the little horse. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

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