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Monthly Baby Must Haves

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 05/04/2015

We get so many people asking us about various baby products lingering in the back or foregrounds of our photo’s on Instagram that we thought it’d be a nice idea to round up some of the products that help us get through a day with the boy. There are some products that, for us, are baby must haves! So each month I’m going to share a post with the must haves in! You’ll find a complete array of different products with no theme other than that we use them and the boy loves them. If you have any questions about any product, we’d be more than happy to answer, so leave a comment or send us an email.

Tommee Tippee Cups

The only way you can beat a good cup is by having a selection of them! We use a selection of cups and beakers to encourage Ted to drink water with his meals. There are a whole plethora of brands available but we have found none to be as good as Tommee Tippee. They have a variety of teats, which is so helpful because some babies might have a preference, like the boy!

For example: 

TT Cup

This cup is specially designed for baby’s firsts sips providing a smooth transition from breast or bottle to cup drinking. The removable, one piece non-spill valve keeps mess to a minimum, and that’s a winner in my book! It has a super soft spout that is gentle on your baby’s sensitive gums. Ted loves checking his! It has removable, easy-grip handles designed for tiny hands and throwing on the floor numerous times each meal! This is one of Ted’s favourites but as he improves his co-ordination and fine motor skills Tommee Tippee provide a cup for every stage of development.


From 12 Months +

From 12 Months +

From 7 Months +

From 7 Months +

Weaning Table Mat

This mat is a saviour! Not only does it protect the table from the array of baby food that gets crushed, mushed and smeared but it also doubles up as a plate. There is a lip that hangs over the edge of the table which catches droppings but is really useful for adding finger foods in for your baby to pick up and eat (or throw around the room as the boy does)! We use this mat at the dinner table but also when we go out for a meal. We take it and stick it on the table for the boy to use there, ensuring he is eating from a clean and hygienic area. It’s easily transportable and easily cleaned. Winner! We got ours from Jojo Maman Bebe but you can also get a Tiny Diner Place Mat from Amazon.


The Splash Mat

Do you like your carpet? Well, if you do, investing in one of these is essential! If you are following Baby Led Weaning, then most of the food will end up on the floor. So, protect it! This mat is pretty big at about 150cm squared. It’s wipe clean too!


Swimming Toys

We take the boy swimming a lot and to help him become accustomed and comfortable with the water we try to make it as fun as possible. We take these toys with us and use them to squirt water and keep him occupied. It’s great fun and really helpful to have something to use and focus on. They are great for encouraging Ted to reach forward with his arms to grab them and also for encouraging him to kick his legs to make them move along the water.



That’s it from us this time! 4 baby must-haves!

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