Morrisons Is Launching Plastic-Free Fruit & Veg Aisles

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The supermarket giant states that this move will save 156 tonnes of plastic a year!

The supermarket, Morrisons is introducing plastic-free fruit and veg aisles in 60 of its stores across the UK.

The supermarket will sell 127 varieties of fruit and veg loose, providing paper bags instead of plastic bags. They’ve been trialling this in 3 stores over the last 10 months and say that it will save 156 tonnes of plastic every year.

The new loose range will include all your usual essentials; carrots, potatoes, onions, pears, apples & oranges etc but as well as the household staples, the more unusual will be sold ‘loose’ as well; figs & pomegranates for example.

“Many of our customers would like the option of buying their fruit and veg loose, so we’re creating an area of our greengrocery with no plastic where they can pick as much or as little as they like,” said Drew Kirk, fruit and veg director at Morrisons. “We’re going back to using traditional greengrocery and we hope customers appreciate the choice.”

This isn’t a complete revolution however, as customers will still be able to purchase plastic-wrapped fruit & veg, but in a different aisle.

Although this is a great step in the right direction, there’s still a way to go but for today, well done Morrisons for doing something!

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