Mothers Day #cleverboy, blogger image 849836260%, uncategorised%

Mothers Day #cleverboy

Mothers Day #cleverboy, blogger image 849836260 225x300%, uncategorised%
Mothers Day #cleverboy, blogger image 2022028545 225x300%, uncategorised%

As we know, it’s Mother’s Day today and despite this blog being dedicated to and focused on fathers, it would be wrong of me to gloss over the importance of today for mums. 

It turns out as well that Rex thinks so too and is flippin’ clever! He managed to pop down to Clintons, choose a card, write in it and get it to the wife! And all from the womb! Check out his phonemes and graphemes already? He’ll be top of his phonics class. His handwriting could be better though, but let’s not be too harsh on him. 

Happy Mother’s Day Jen. You really are doing such a good job looking after him and keeping him safe. He is the luckiest baby in the world. Thank you. X

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Mothers Day #cleverboy, ec77a02838b7d9ad93831e241173944f?s=90&r=g%, uncategorised%
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