Mother’s Day dos and don’ts for dads

Mother's Day

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As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s probably best to get some ideas for the special woman in you and your child’s life. We already have a gifts post, so here’s a few ideas for things to do.

  1. Give them some alone time. Yes, I see the irony in this one, but stick with me. They can have a lie in. They can have an extra long soak in the bath. You could even go one further and book them a pampering session at their favourite salon!
  2. Create a photo album. Maybe do this one secretly. Get the kids involved. Take them to the park or somewhere to get some photos of them.

    Then spend a couple of nights putting them all together, along with pictures that have been taken previously that include her. Present this to her on Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed. Perfect!

  3. Do some crafts together. Just make sure it’s planned in advance. Get everything together ready to go and make sure you tidy up (with the kids) afterwards so that Mum doesn’t need to do anything.
  4. Arrange a date with her best friend. Two Mums spending the day together. Both you and their partner win!
  5. Has she got a favourite outdoor place? If so, pack a picnic, grab the kids and a blanket and go out for lunch.
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    The kids can run around while you and your partner can talk about how scary it is that your kids are growing up so quickly!

Ever wondered what to avoid for Mother’s Day? These should be high on that list…

  1. Go to the pub with friends. This day is about the special woman in you and your child’s life. A drink with the lads can wait (maybe for Father’s Day).
  2. Watch sports. Yes, that includes this weekends F1 season opener in Australia or the World Cup Qualifiers.
  3. Let them do the dishes. Or any chores for that matter. It’s their special day for them to enjoy.

  4. Buy garage flowers. To be fair, this is something you should never ever do anyway. They’re not great. However, buying these on a day like Mother’s Day is really asking for trouble.
  5. Don’t forget any other Mothers. You know, for example, your own mother. You might remember your child’s mother (and your partner) – however, there’s still an important mother out there. I suspect there’s a chance you wouldn’t live this one down.
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Don't miss a thing

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