Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips

Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips To Copy At Home During Lockdown

A recent YouGov poll shows 49% of people are cleaning and tidying more now than before the lockdown so here are some of Mrs Hinch’s Best Cleaning Tips for you

As many will now, Sophie Hinchcliffe aka, Mrs Hinch, has become an internet sensation through her love of cleaning.

Building an online following over over 3.3 million cleaning fans, she’s fast become the go-to place for quick cleaning hacks that really work.

With the world on lockdown, dads (and mums of course) are getting to grips with all those cleaning jobs they wouldn’t usually have gotten done and so we wanted to share Mrs Hinch’s best cleaning tips with you.

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips

Keep your bin smelling clean

This Mrs Hinch cleaning tip for your bin will keep it smelling fresher than ever. After cleaning it with disinfectant, soak a piece of kitchen roll in an odour eliminator or air freshener, fold it up and place it at the bottom of the bin before inserting a bin bag. Bingo.

Fabric conditioner to clean doors

Kids are always scuffing doors… so do follow this Mrs Hinch cleaning tip and use fabric conditioner mixed with water allows and wipe down the marks on the doors without removing the paint.

Use her proven routine for cleaning your shower

On her Instagram, Mrs Hinch shared her top tips for cleaning her bath & shower, using just a few products.

She starts by spraying her shower and shower head with Viakal, to remove limescale and water marks. Leave the Viakal to do its thing for up to five minutes!

Then, she used Flash bathroom spray to wipe down the bath itself, using a sponge.

Then time to wash off the Viakal, using the shower itself. After that, finish the job by using the Astonish Mould and Mildew buster, to remove any lurking nasties.

Clean your radiators – with this Mrs Hinch cleaning tip

Mrs Hinch shared with her followers that she often forgets to clean her radiators, and get rid of the dust and grime that accumulates on them.

She suggested using a diluted Zoflora mix, spraying it on a cloth, and simply wiping down the radiators and – voila!

A clean and lovely smelling radiator.

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Make your stainless steel fixtures shine

Whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom – we all want our stainless steel fixtures to sparkle without smudges; easier said than done…

Mrs Hinch said that to clean her stainless steel shower rail, she uses a B&M Scrub Buddy Cleaning Pad with Stainless Steel Cif. Then buffs it up with Kermit to make it really shine.

Wash your washing machine

Has anyone cleaned their washing machine before? No, me neither… but why?

This Mrs Hinch cleaning tip suggests putting an old tea towel on the floor by your washing machine for starters with an oven tray to empty the filter.

For the washing machine drawer, use flash bathroom as it removes any build-up of dried conditioner. To get into places that are harder to reach, use a Sonic Scrubber and a microfiber cloth.

Then add into the washing machine Flash Bathroom cleaner and pop it on for a wash.

Store saucepan lids upside-down to create space in your kitchen cupboard

Mrs Hinch has revealed a handy trick for storing pots and pans… and their lids!

Placing the lids upside down means you’ll be able to stack them up on top of each other.

It sounds so simple… does anyone already do this?

Keep bed linen sets in a pillow case

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There really is nothing worse than spending 30 minutes hunting in the linen pile for a matching bed set. 

Mrs Hinch explains how she groups all her linen sets together in the matching pillow case. 

She wrote, “Where do I keep my fresh bedding? I store the whole fresh bed set into the matching pillow case!”

Make your curtains look tip top with this toilet roll trick

How can toilet roll make my curtains look great? (I hear you say). Well, another Mrs Hinch cleaning tip is that she uses empty toilet rolls for ensuring the pleats in your curtains are neat and evenly spaced out.

All you need to do is start with at least ten empty toilet rolls – which let’s face it, we all have A LOT of right now. Then, cut them open down the length of the roll, so they’re easy to pop on and off your curtain rail.

Simply place a roll between each curtain ring, to ensure the pleat falls nicely and neatly. You can also cut the toilet rolls to size, depending on how big or small you want the gaps between pleats to be. It’s also recommended to tape the toilet rolls back up after hanging them, so that they don’t fall down when you draw the curtains.

Get rid of the stains on your mattress

Let’s not dwell on this one too much… who knows how the mattress ends up so stained… anyway…

If you use bicarbonate powder on the stained areas of your mattress, sprinkling it on and scrubbing it in with a rubber glove you should start to see results. So Mrs Hinch says, anyway.

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