Mums, stop telling dads how to parent!

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  1. Tori

    While I don’t leave my husband a laminated list, I also can’t just let him get on with it. I tried that last week when I went to work and he called me 4 times (where is her uniform? Do I need to pack a lunch? Is it PE kit day? Where is her PE kit? She said she can’t wear pink hairbands to school? Where are her school hairbands? I can’t find her school shoes? Which coat do I take?) This morning I made sure her uniform and shoes were out, her bag packed, her water bottle ready to fill and her coat next to her book bag. I also rang at 8.45am to check he had asked the teacher about breakfast club only to find he hadn’t left the house (She starts at 8.45am! He thought it was 9 because “that’s when I used to start school”) Men are not incapable at all but it seems lkke they are used to Mum doing a lot of it!

    • Al Ferguson

      Playing devil’s advocate, what would have happened if he couldn’t get through to you? I imagine he would have found her uniform, taken her PE kit in any way and prepared a packed lunch. Or phoned the school to ask the questions. He would have coped.

      • Ian Dinwiddy

        this… we either win or we learn my friend – as Thierry Henry i think might say in a car advert

  2. Phil Collins

    What about drinking water. Hope dad remembered without the prompt!

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