My career path needs some work, and my work needs a path.

Unhappy Career

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When I was little I was full of expectation about what I’d spend my life doing. I went through phases – largely dictated by what was on TV. I Watched ‘London’s Burning’ and I wanted to be a fireman. I watched ER and I wanted to be a doctor. And so on and so on.

That was a lifetime ago, I look back on those times now and I’m almost jealous of the perceived opportunities that I had. I quite literally could have chosen any career path. What do I do now? I’m a pensions analyst, and I hate it.
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Along with its emotional toll, prolonged job-related stress can drastically affect your physical health. Constant preoccupation with job responsibilities often leads to erratic eating habits and not enough exercise, resulting in weight problems, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels.

The American Psychological Association

What is it about growing up that makes us abandon the excitement and possibility of what we will do for a living? Is it money? Status? For me it was money, I chose an engineering degree and I loved it – I mean REALLY loved it. I averaged 94% in that degree, I think if you genuinely love something that much you’ll do well in it.

What did I do after that? I attempted to leverage the degree to get a high paying job and live the high life, that’s what it’s all about right?
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I started working as an actuary, and it’s been a downhill slope from there. I strayed from what I love because I thought I’d be rolling in cash – but I hated the work so much that I was rubbish at it. Furthermore, I spent everything on other things that made me happy because it was a distraction, so now I have debts coming out my ears.

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Right, that’s 262 words about how disappointed I am career-wise, so what? Well there is no direct point here – but I’d genuinely love to hear what your thoughts are –

Are you happy with what you do? If not, why do you do it? I can’t be the only one trapped here.

Over the last week or so, this has bothered me so much that I’ve set up my own photography and videography business. It’s been a passion for a while – I’m reigniting that “I could do this” attitude I had as a kid, and it feels great!

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  1. Joeh

    I was the same, read the Davinci code and wanted to be a physicist, watched How I Met Your Mother & wanted to be an architect. Ended up doing a degree in computer networking, getting an honours degree and worked in the hospitality industry for the past 9 years because all the jobs that were going required at least two years experience on the job. Lost touch with it but now looking at leaving hospitality and pursuing something… don’t know what yet but hopefully get my head around it soon.

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