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My First Book – Product Review

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 30/07/2014

Have you ever asked yourself the question, ‘I wonder what my child will be when they grow up?’ Will they be intelligent, sporty, handsome, funny, business like? All of the above maybe? 

Well, if you want your baby to be a member of Mensa  then these books will give your baby a kick start in the right direction. They are award winning for their innovation in cognitive development of babies. In fact, it’s probably best I quote the author herself: 

“The My First Book series includes four delightful board books, specially dedicated to infant’s developmental growth milestones: vision, memory, speech, and social skills. Each of the four books … include high contrast, black and white and bold color illustrations which promote visual and speech stimulation. Each picture is accompanied by a simple word that baby will love repeating and which will help their speech development. They are not just picture books or bedtime stories but rather activity books conceived to stimulate a baby’s senses.”
It’s no secret that reading to a baby is essential for their development and growth and has a huge impact. In fact, the impact is greater than you probably first think. Reading to a baby stimulates the baby’s senses and builds listening and memory skills. Above all of this, however, it encourages time bonding with your baby. 
Clearly, it is never too early to read to a baby. I will certainly be using the My First Book series to read to my baby. After all, I wouldn’t mind it at all, if he were to be a little child genius, rocket scientist, astronaut, or a chess champion… 
Possibly as interesting however, the author was previously an award winning mountaineer! I like to think of myself as someone who likes the mountains and the fact that I have a ‘Man VS Mountain race coming up in September, means that I am perhaps as interested (if not more) in the authors previous career. 

So being a successful mountaineer, combined with incredible books focused on baby cognitive development, supporting senses and bonding the My First Book Series gets an official Dad Network Star rating of 5 / 5 stars and wins our award of recommendation. 

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