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My First Scalectrix Review

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 21/12/2015

Growing up I was always incredibly envious of my friends toys. Some had Tracey Island, some had the Action Man Jeep but the one that really tugged at my envious heart strings were the ones who had a Scalextric. The thought of a car whizzing round my living room on a track that I’d put together, was wonderful.

Sadly, I never had my own. But thoroughly enjoyed going round to my friends, who did, for tea.

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Naturally, therefore, when I was offered the chance to check out My First Scalextric, the new bit of kit aimed at 3+ year olds from Scalextric, I jumped up and punched the air. (Metaphorically speaking of course…)

I eagerly unwrapped the box when it arrived and proceeded to put together the track in the traditional figure of 8. The red & yellow rally cars were colour coded to the adjustable power controllers and the chevrons on the road, so it was a piece of cake to set up. Even a 3 year old could manage it!

What impressed me most, was the way the cars stayed on the track. My memories of playing at my friends’ houses, is that of the car hurtling off the track as I put on too much power for the bends. The Magnatraction technology really helps with this however and having adjustable power controllers means that the speed of racing can be altered to meet the various skill levels.

Another great aspect of this kit is that it is compatible with the micro Scalextric range, meaning you can extend your track if (and when) necessary.

We had great fun unboxing, setting up and racing and are giving the My First Scalextric kit and official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 and our badge of recommendation.

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