'My Mum' - By Ted Ferguson, Untitled Infographic 2%, new-dad%

‘My Mum’ – By Ted Ferguson

I think it’s fair to say that being a mum is bloody hard work!

At least, I’m beginning to think it is. And so therefore, Mother’s Day should surely be one of the most valued and celebrated dates in the calendar. As a young boy, I never took much notice of Mother’s Day, barely scraping together enough shrapnel to wander up to the local florist for some daffodil spikes. It just never clicked that actually I should be telling my mum how much I appreciate her.

Perhaps it was just me, or just the usual naivety of a young boy but whatever it was, I was wrong.

The boy however, is not going to grow up in the same vein. I can tell, because he’s already written this poem for his mum to celebrate Mother’s Day today! He’s even so appreciative of his mum, that he wants to help others show their appreciation, so he’s removed some of the pictures of himself and is giving you the poem to give to your mum!

'My Mum' - By Ted Ferguson, Untitled Infographic 2%, new-dad%


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