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MY SUNDAY PHOTO – 3 generations out for a walk

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 25/01/2015


Every weekend the 3 of us head out for a walk. 3 generations of men. A special time for all of us.

My Sunday Photo



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  1. Tara

    What a lovely thing to do each week. And what a beautiful place to walk, too. #MySundayPhoto

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you , yes we really enjoy it :)

  2. martyn

    Ah this is so cool. We live as a part of a 3 generation household. This puts me to shame because we never do stuff like this. Always seems to be 2 generations activities. Awesome photo!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks Martyn. I could never put you to shame my friend.

    • Al Ferguson

      Ah. Sorry to hear that. Thank you.

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you, we really enjoy it. I hope Ted does too when he is older :)

  3. Coombe Mill

    What a great thing to do, it’ll be a lovely way for some bonding with grandpa as well!

    • Al Ferguson

      Exactly, its really important to me for Ted and Dad to have a close bond :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. Yes we really enjoy it. Hopefully Ted will say the same thing when he is bigger :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. Hopefully Ted will be able to take me and his child out one day too :)

  4. Louise

    What a lovely thing to do each week. Wonderful photo :-)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks for your comments! It is a really nice thing to do together.

  5. Mel

    What a sweet shot. That’s a photo to treasure.

    • Al Ferguson

      Certainly is. Thank you :)

  6. Hannah

    Wonderful photo! I have a photo of my son with his dad and Pop it’s one of my favourites x

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. Yes we really enjoy it :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. Hopefully when Ted can talk he will be able to tell us that he enjoys our company too :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you, we really enjoy it. Its good to talk about old memories from my childhood too as well as creating new ones :)

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