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My wife wee’s herself!

Firstly, let me draw your attention to the plural nature of this post. She hasn’t wee’d herself… It has happened more than once! 

It has become apparent and obvious to me that in her pregnant state she cannot do certain, normal, everyday things. Things like: 

# Walking more than 100m
# Laugh
# Drink
# Cough
# Stand up

This is therefore fairly restrictive! As I found out this evening. We were walking down the road when I decided to crack a joke. So, whilst walking 100m home, after having a drink, she laughed resulting in a coughing fit. And yes, she was standing up… You can imagine what happened. 

I must say though that having researched this, and having an average level of common sense, I know that her bladder is somewhat smaller and squashed by the baby. This apparently means that it’s ok to wee oneself in public. 

I am only joking. I just make sure I’m never more than 99m away from a toilet, neglect my hilarious personality and always carry an asthma pump! (And some spare underwear!) 

My wife wee's herself!, blogger image 268142377 300x225%, uncategorised%

My apologies for the bad photo quality, but I think you can see the size difference in the bladder. 

Disclaimer: some elements have been exaggerated for dramatic purpose! 

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