My Wraps Headphones Review

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Is it a bracelet or are they headphones? You decide…


Have you ever rolled your headphones up and put them in your pocket or bag only to find that they have somehow tied themselves into a knot where you spend a few minutes trying to untangle them????

This is where My Wraps come in.
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Not only do they provide style and comfort but you get tangle free headphones at your disposal to unwrap from your wrist and start listening to your music right away…No untangling, no mess, just ease.


My Wraps are the perfect way to carry headphones around; no need for pockets or bags.

My Wraps come in all different designs and colours to suit your style.

They are easily wrapped around your wrist and are very comfortable to wear, after wearing them for around a week I actually forgot I had them on – I wear a few bracelets on my wrist and these headphones just blended in right in and became unnoticeable.

As for the sound quality I was quite surprised. I wasn’t expecting much, as I thought the focus would have been on the design and the sound may have been forgotten, but they delivered a great sound considering the price.

I cranked the volume on full on my mobile and there was a slight crackle, this didn’t bother me too much as I never listen to music that loud, the base was okay, it didn’t blow your head off but was enough to make your tunes sound good.
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Of course, there is always room for sound improvement when it comes to £15 headphones, but for the money, this is more than adequate.

You also get different tips in the box which fits most ears so wearing them isn’t a problem.


If you’re in the market for some in expensive earphones, these are a perfect choice for everyone. Stylish and comfortable and they only start from £15. Plenty of options to suit.

Save yourself the hassle of untangling your headphone and get MY WRAPS.

The My Wraps headphones receive an official Dad Network star rating of 4 / 5 stars.


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    • Al

      Thanks for your comment buddy. They look pretty decent to me too and Lewis seemed to rate them. :)

    • lewis

      brill. :) I still use them, they have lasted me a while. and i have been out in the raqin and walks, to the caravan. In ear headphone are my favorite, I have seen them in quite a few shops recently too and the price was a little cheaper..

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