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  1. dadsthewayilikeit

    What you’ve said here is very much in keeping with what I’ve heard from other people who’ve attended NCT classes. We’d have loved to have been able to go to an NCT class but unfortunately there weren’t any particularly close to where we live in North Wales. I guess that one of the benefits of the NHS is that they are probably able to offer antenatal classes in a lot more locations that the NCT.


    • Al TheDadNetwork

      Hi jonathan,

      You’re absolutely right; the NHS probably do cover a wider area. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Actually Mummy...

    We did both too. Personally, I had criticisms of both, but the NHS version was the more real scenario. Our NCT teacher told us to pack a bag as if we were having a romantic date night – because it’s special. Including nice lingerie and chocolates. She went on and on and on about how vital your birth plan is, and how the midwives will use it to make sure your birth is exactly as you want it to be. In short, she painted an idyllic picture of the perfect birth, from which many women I know departed feeling like they had failed.
    However, I would still say NCT is best, because I found life long friends through my NCT group.

    • Al TheDadNetwork

      Wow! Chocolates and lingerie??? That feels to me like a step too far. Our course leader wasn’t exactly like that, she did say pack the massage oils etc but did paint more of a painful and hard time. I guess that highlights that some course leaders are different. And you absolutely right, that is the benefit of NCT – friends for a lifetime. It’s not like you can’t make good friends at the NHS but you see the people less and there’s no active encouragement.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Victoria Mylittlel

    Its such a shame that NHS can’t offer more, having said that the private class we have visited had 5-6 couples, antenatal classes “hosts” used NCT materials, we were told that we need to stay at home as long as possible, as its a comfort of our own home. I did listen to their recommendations to stay at home plus hospital midwives thinking I have irregular contractions(perhaps should’ve listened to myself) meant I ended up calling ambulance as was pretty much was ready to give birth in my own bath.

    • Al Ferguson

      Wow! That must have been pretty scary! Well done to you though for managing that!

  4. David Banks

    I found that NCT did a lot of lobbying for non interventions during birth and in the case of nearly all of the women in my NCT group interventions were required and it was possibly the case that they felt a sense of failing. When they absolutely did not. Critically for us, our persistence with breast feeding was nearly fatal for our baby.

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