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Need a seven-seat SUV? Try one of these options

The seven-seater SUV has grown in popularity during recent years, overtaking the humble MPV as the weapon of choice for those who want plenty of space and room for seven people.

It’s not hard to understand why, as thanks to chunky looks and a confidence-inspiring driving position, these are cars which are now desired by many.

Thankfully, there are many seven-seater SUVs on the market today, which means that there are plenty of options at a variety of different price points. Let’s take a look at some of the key cars.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

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The GLE sits above the GLC and below he GLS in the range

Merc has a longstanding history for making big, sumptuous SUVs; its original ML was, after all, one of the first ‘premium’ four-wheel-drives to hit the market, so it’s little wonder that it has become quite so accomplished at making cars in this segment.

Take the new GLE. It’s comfortable, refined and packed with the very latest technology while – importantly for this list – it’s available with seven seats too.

Skoda Kodiaq

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If you want a less expensive way of getting into the seven-seater racket, then the Kodiaq is an excellent option. All seven seats are spacious and comfortable, while the interior itself is brimmed with plenty of standard equipment.

Though it’s now been around for a little while, the Kodiaq remains one of the best-value options in the seven-seater segment.

Land Rover Discovery

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(Land Rover)

Though the headlines have been dominated by Land Rover’s new Defender, it’s the Discovery which is the key choice in this list. It’s comfortable, refined and – being a Land Rover – is close to unstoppable off-road thanks to plenty of go-anywhere technology.

A large boot and plenty of additional accessories make this an impressively practical choice too.

Kia Sorento

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Kia has a habit of creating well-valued and good-to-drive new cars, and it would appear that its latest Sorento is an extension on this. With head-turning looks and a high-end interior, this is a Kia which belies its more reasonable price tag.

Importantly though it’s available with seven seats, while a decent boot means that this is a great fit for larger families.

Audi Q7

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If you’re looking for a big SUV with a real focus on the word ‘big’, the Audi Q7 could be for you. Few cars have the on-road presence of the Q7, which dwarfs other cars on the road with its large front grille and bold headlights.

Even if it didn’t have the four rings on the grille, you’d know it was a premium car just from the way it looks, while inside it does that typical Audi understated class thing well. It’s not the best handling SUV in its segment, but it seats seven in a lot of comfort while oozing badge appeal.

Seat Tarraco

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Seat has made a name for itself offering the build quality of Volkswagen Group models, with more affordability and characterful styling than other similar rivals. That’s similarly true with the Tarraco, which takes the Spanish firm into the big, posh SUV market.

If you need to put adults in the rear-most seats they might have to rather crammed in, but young kids should find it plenty spacious enough. As a flagship model for the brand, the cabin is modern, well-designed and full of technology, too.

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