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Netflix and Chill?

As parents, Netflix and Chill doesn’t mean exactly what ‘the youthful and limber Tinder generation’ might have you believe. It quite literally means, spending 4 hours with your partner searching every single category on Netflix before finally agreeing on something to settle down and watch, before one of you, no doubt, falls asleep before the end.

(Who says romance is dead, eh!)

But fear not because I have come up with a list for you of the stuff my husband and I have been LOVING watching together recently. None of them are soppy, lovey doves films; I prefer to watch those on my own without my husband rolling his eyes at every single scene. Instead these are a bit more gritty and things you can definitely enjoy together this Valentines Day.

Warning: If you start one of these series together and one of you carries on watching without the other, that is definite ground for divorce.

The Sinner

With Jessica Biel as the main protagonist, this series blew my mind a little bit. It was just so unexpected. It got an 8.0 on IMDb so I knew it was going to be good, plus the buzz around this series has been huge and it was nominated for two Golden Globes.

It starts with your average family on a day out at the beach, all having a great time. All of a sudden the mother (Jessica Biel’s character) stabs a seemingly random man to death in front of everyone on the beach. No one (especially her) knows why she did it.

The series unravels the mystery of why on earth she would do something so out of character. It’s dark, it’s twisted and full of surprising twists and turns. It had me completely hooked. I’ve heard rumours of a second series of this one so watch this space.

The Sinner: Netflix UKAltered Carbon

We have only just started watching this one (it came out on February 2nd) and are part way through the series. It’s an 18, so definitely one to watch once the kids are in bed.

At ten episodes high, It scores pretty high on IMDb with an impressive 8.6 but critics and reviews I have seen on Facebook are mixed. I think it’s fair to say that it is tough going for the first two episodes, where you really have to pay attention but once you break onto the third episode you’re most likely fully in it and ready to binge.

It is set in a dystopian future, where a persons ‘soul’ or consciousness can be digitised and stored inside what they call a stack, which is put in the back of the neck. Bodies are referred to as sleeves and are seen as interchangeable. If your body is damaged and you have enough money, you simply buy a new one.

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The series centres around a guy who has been imprisoned without a body for a while and is re-sleeved inside a body to solve a complicated murder. If he does it, he wins his freedom and anonymity. You need your wits about you with this one, so don’t start it part way through a bottle of prosecco.


I’m actually really surprised that there hasn’t been more of a hype with Godless. It is absolutely brilliant and has an all start cast – yet no one seems to have heard of it! It’s 7 episodes long and for some reason categorised as a ‘mini series’ on Netflix.

With an 8.5 on IMDb it makes big promises and in my opinion, it absolutely delivers on them. The premise is that it is a Western, but the town it is set in is made up primarily of women only. Roy Goode is an outlaw who rocks up to the town and is being ruthlessly being hunted down by our main baddy – Frank Griffin (played by none other than the lovely Jeff Daniels).

Jeff Daniels is amazing in this role, I have actually never seen him play a character like this before.
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I loved him in The Newsroom but I love him even more now after this. We also get an amazing performance from Jack O’Connell (star of Skins, Unbroken and Money Monster) and Michelle Dockery (most known for Downton Abbey).

It is a little cliche in places, but very well executed and with plenty of interesting twists and story arcs. You fall in love with some of the characters quite hard too, which is always a marker to me that a series has been done well.

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Godless: Netflix UK


You must have seen Ozark by now… if not, why not?

It stars the ever loveable Jason Bateman in his darkest role yet (in my opinion). 13 episodes long and categorised as an 8.4 on IMDb it is definitely worth your time.

Bateman plays a financial advisor who ends up money laundering for some very dodgy drug dealers. Other than his questionable drug relations, Bateman and his family are completely and utterly ordinary – which makes this series all the more interesting.

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He moves with his family to the sleepy Ozarks in an attempt to make some serious cash and of course, chaos ensues.

I really don’t like Laura Linney in this, her character is just really annoying and unlikeable but the series overall is excellent. I’m waiting patiently for Series 2, so might I suggest you get yourself caught up with Series 1 so you’re ready too.

The Netflix Originals are absolutely killing it lately.

If you’re ever stuck for something to watch just filtering to the Netflix Original category and picking something from there is sure to throw up something you fall in love with. They seem to have the grittiest, strangest series out there – because they aren’t having to follow the standard ‘make money at the box office’ scripts that all the big movie makers have to.

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