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New Dad kicked out of delivery room

Harmless joke or delivery room no-no?

A dad was recently kicked out the delivery room soon after the birth of his son.

Posted on Reddit, the unnamed new dad says he was asked to leave the delivery room because a nurse didn’t like a joke he made at his wife’s expense.

The new dad aged 25 described the midwife as a “joyless hag of a nurse”.

He posted: “My wife gave birth to our first child three days ago and in the delivery room I made a few lighthearted comments which my wife laughed at, but the joyless hag of a nurse lost her s*** and kicked me out of the room.

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“I calmly tried to placate the demented old boiler by explaining she has no right to be offended on other people’s behalf, but that just made her worse.

“Eventually I left before my ears started bleeding, but I feel the nurse was in the wrong for giving me s*** in response to a joke between my wife and I.

“My wife thinks the whole situation was hilarious, but considering the amount of money I pay for private health care instead of playing Russian roulette with the NHS I am 50/50 about laughing it off or reporting the miserable old bag.”

The conversation allegedly started when his wife initially asked him how it was looking down there, to which he responded:

“I feel like I’m watching my favourite restaurant burning down.”

He posted his wife took the comment in good humour however the nurse ‘tutted and rolled her eyes’.

Following the birth, the doctor informed the pair that the wife had suffered tearing and would need two or three stitches.

The new dad then joked:

“Would you mind putting in a few extra?”

Soon after he was asked to leave the delivery room.

Over 500 people have commented on the post, with many agreeing the dad had no one to blame but himself for what happened.

What do you think? Just a joke or delivery room no-no?

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  • Margaret H. Wallen 10th June 2019 Reply

    Yes. he definitely needed kicking out. What an dumb thing to say. I can’t imagine his wife laughing. It was an ignorant comment.

  • He sounds like a total knob – you can tell by all his scathing comments about nurse and NHS bet he’s some sort of hooray Henry!!!

  • He had a RIGHT to be there. The ONLY reason good enough to have him removed is patient welfare(his wife who had no problem). I would sue the hospital and the nurse.

  • Had I been in that situation, although exhausted I would have found it really funny. The nurse needs to lighten up and as it said in the original post she does not have the right to take umbridge on behalf of the wife. Without humour we are nothing and without the right to free speech we are also nothing other than supressed.

  • This didn’t happen but men should probably think before they speak or accept the consequences to their actions without whining.

  • He sounds like a right bellend.

  • Many people use humour as a way of dealing things, when my fiancée was in labour, both of us were making jokes which erred on the side of inappropriate. The nurse in this story should be looking after the well being of the patient and if the patient wasn’t uncomfortable the nurse drastically overreacted by kicking him out. As for the comments about Private vs NHS healthcare; our experience of an induced labour and ultimately a spinal anaesthetic, rotational forceps and a 3rd degree tear, was nothing but positive, even one of the doctors in the operating theater was cracking jokes which made the atmosphere a lot more relaxed at such a stressful time.

  • I Can say whatever I want to my wife
    Who is this nurse I am paying
    Tell her Do her job
    Bloody rude

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