Why new dads should consider life insurance

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New dads who are young and in good overall health are in the best position to secure the cheapest life insurance premiums.

Why? Because the younger and healthier you are, statistically the longer you’re expected to live – and the less of a risk you pose to the insurer.

As you age, your health may deteriorate and your life expectancy reduces, increasing the risk of a claim and increasing up your premiums as time goes on.

That said, the majority of dads would benefit from having life insurance protection in place as no one knows what’s around the corner in life. The proceeds from a life insurance pay out could clear the mortgage (enabling your loved ones to remain in the family home), meet rising living costs, cover additional childcare fees – all easing the financial burden on those left behind at a difficult time for all involved.

New dads in the UK can compare life insurance quotes completely free of charge at Reassured.co.uk, so why not seize the day?

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