Call for new dads to have paternity leave on 90% pay

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  1. AthenaC

    I”m really fortunate to work for a company that has a gender-neutral parental leave policy of 16 weeks to be taken sometime within the first year. Some people take it all at once and some people break it into 2 – 3 chunks. Just in the last year or so, I’m seeing it become more normalized for new dads to take time off to stay home with their babies for a bit, and I can’t tell you how awesome that is.

    It’s better for BOTH men and women when it’s normal for both parents to take leave because it reduces the motherhood penalty that usually only women experience in their careers from missing time on maternity leave (and turns it into a gender-neutral parenting thing), and it’s also better for the kids who get to see more of both of their parents during that new-baby stage.

  2. Charlotte

    I would love to share maternity with my husband but the thought of going back to work early whilst breastfeeding would be unbearable. At 9 months with my first I was still regularly feeding during the day and was in great discomfort when I returned to work as my body was still trying to care for baby.

    I believe men should be encouraged to take more time off (with pay!) as this would also close a lot of the pay gaps between men and women, so there’d be less discrimination. It needs to be a cultural shift to recognise the wonderful work dads do (and support mums in the process)

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