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Amazing tech to change the lives of people with hearing loss

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Published on 17/11/2022

XRAI Glass, a revolutionary software that lets users see and recall conversations in a pair of glasses, launches worldwide today. New features allow people with hearing loss to ‘see’ conversations in real-time via subtitles on the special AR glasses. There is also the capability to translate conversations in some of the most common world languages.

It works for face-to-face conversations as well as phone calls.

How the tech works

Users wearing phone-tethered augmented reality (AR) smart glasses will be able to read speech in real-time through closed captioning. The XRAI Glass software converts audio into a subtitled version of conversation which will then appear on the user’s glasses screen. The software’s sophisticated voice recognition capabilities can identify who’s speaking and has the power to translate languages, voice tones, accents, and pitch.

The glasses connect through a mobile phone with an app. Different people’s voices come up in different colours and users can rewind conversations, meaning that it will be much easier to settle arguments between you and your other half over who said what and when!

How to get the glasses

The glasses are available right now through EE in the UK and Amazon in the rest of the world. They’ll set you back £340.99 or $379, with other accessories available to improve speech capture and reduce background noise. Currently, the app is only available on the Google Play store and on certain phones. There is no compatibility with Apple products yet.

The glasses in action

The company launched the product with Tasha Ghouri, Love Island’s first ever deaf contestant, who tested them out. Ghouri shed tears of joy at the experience. Here’s the video:

Mark Atkinson, the CEO of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People, said: “This is a great example of the positive difference innovative technology can make for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. At RNID we are excited about the potential for technology to transform the lives of our communities.

People with hearing loss in the UK – stats

The number of people with hearing loss is growing in the UK. At the moment, 12 million adults in the UK are affected by hearing loss greater than 25 dbHL (decibels Hearing Level). This number is set to increase to 14.2 million adults by 2035 according to researchers.


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