Newborn Baby Photo Shoots

I think that we hold the record for the most famous newborn baby photo shoot. You may well remember this image circulating the globe a couple of months back…

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Well, believe it or not, this was not the only photo we got from the newborn baby photo shoot. We actually managed to get some beautiful pictures of our gorgeous boy aged just 4 days old. The picture above was wonderful in it’s own way, but our real memories and treasured photos are the other ones.

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It’s these newborn baby photos that so many parents desire and have become really popular. The black and white close ups and the ones where the parents hold the baby delicately in their hands are probably on the walls of so many houses around the world. And rightly so! We wanted to share the rest of our newborn baby photo shoot but we also want you to share yours. Join our linky by linking up a post or a photo of your newborn baby. Leave a comment with a link to your instagram or Facebook page…however you possibly can, share your gorgeous newborn baby photo’s with us.

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