“I’m a prisoner to my nipple obsessed daughter”

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  1. Yonge C.

    You seem to going through a horrible time that is typical when something is not right. If a baby screams every time she’s not nursing its because something is not right. Usually it is because they’re hungry, despite spending a lot of effort and time trying to get the milk to transfer from breast to baby. There could be many reasons, of course, but most often (unless its some hidden medical thing but usually its not) its because the milk is not getting transferred despite valiant efforts on the baby’s behalf to get fed. Of course the next obvious question is why not? Thats what you need a competent lactation consultant for. Babies born in medical environments are very often separated from their mothers at some point. That creates tension in the jaw. A clenched jaw can result in terrible nipple pain. Plus it means the movement is not right and jaw probably isn’t opening wide enough so despite the energy put into it, the milk production is not getting stimulated properly. There could be a tongue tie issue and or lip tie. That means the tongue is tethered too tightly to the floor of the mouth and can’t undulate forward and backward or maintain succion which means the milk canals are not stimulated and the breast doesn’t get drained properly. All that ends up in milk production slowing down. Regardless of all the possibilities, (there are more but those are the first most common ones) having your beautiful precious new life treated with a pediatric ostéopath or chiropracter will eliminate the cranial and jaw tension, then you can check out the tongue or lip tie question. You can probably get an appointment with one of those fast. I suggest you get a reputed competent lactation consultant asap because everyone in your family seems to be suffering unnecessarily. No one wants to continue breastfeeding when that happens. Keeping people ignorant in these matters is all to the benefit of formula companies, which is why lobbying is so successful, and most medical professionals are not trained at all or very little in these things, and can’t help new parents. If you want to succeed, its up to you to look for and find the answers. Good luck new parents.

    • Yonge C.

      Oh, another tip that realllllly helps these problems, is to put baby in a wrap carryer, plug her onto the nipple (if nipple pain is no longer an issue) and let her nurse as long as she needs to to make up for what is lacking in spaced out feeding. I didn’t have a wrap or anything else for my first born and the first 2 months were like your above description. For second born I “wore” him in the wrap carrier all day, for the first 4 months, plugged on most of the time. I was free to go wherever I wanted, screaming free, stress free, all day out if I wanted to, because baby just stayed plugged on and I was more or less hands free. He has 10 times more confidence than his older brother now. I put that down to “living” his first few months of life outside the womb, in the wrap carrier. It makes becoming a parent a totally different experience. You can learn how to put one on, from dozens of video demonstrations on youtube. Being enveloped is what the need neurologically and the lack of stress that bb wearing brings is what we need as new parents in our new role in life.

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