No Darling You Haven’t Gained Any Weight!

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I received a text message this morning from the wife asking me to guess her weight! She said that she had just weighed herself for the first time during pregnancy and that I needed to guess. 

What is she trying to do to me! Guess??? I have more chance of surviving a great white shark attack than if I were to guess.

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And then if I had of ignored it that would have been just as bad as guessing.
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I was in quite the conundrum and these were my options: 

# Guess too low and have her tell me to take it seriously. 
# Guess too high and never see the light of day again.
# Ignore the text and pretend I never got it.
# Tell her that I love her whatever size she is and have her thump me whilst telling me that’s a cop out and obviously means she’s fat.
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Why do women think they can do this to us? 

Anyway, it does raise the issue of weight gain during pregnancy, which is something that needs to be monitored somewhat. 

You’ll have to forgive me for the next bit, unless you’re reading this from America, I’m going to be using pounds, which is all but useless to us Brits. 

If you’re pre-pregnancy weight was healthy and normal then in theory you should gain about 30 pounds in total, gaining 5 pounds in the 1st trimester and then 1 pound every week for the rest of the pregnancy. This indicates that the baby is growing pretty well.

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The research says that it is natural and healthy to put on weight during pregnancy, and the same for mums too. (Like what I did there?) 

About a 3rd of the total amount of gained weight is the baby itself. The rest is due to the following:

# The placenta
# The muscle layer of the uterus increases
# The blood volume rises
# There is extra fluid in the body
# Breasts increase in size (I must say, I did notice this bit)
# Your body stores fat in preparation for breastfeeding. 

So once all that is added up, your talking a lot of extra weight and as I said, it amounts to about 30 pounds. 

Here’s a table to show the ideal weight gain for the wife. She had to input her start weight, final weight and weeks pregnant. 

And here’s mine… A bit heavy I think but they say dads gain weight during pregnancy too…


This is the website if you wanna do yours.

Whilst no-one wants to gain weight, it is really important that you do. That’s easy for me to say, but it is. There are also so many other factors effecting things. What weight you start from, genetics, diet, emotional state, metabolism etc etc. So it’s worth monitoring to a certain degree. 

I MUST also say that I am so lucky to have a beautiful wife who has a tiny frame, a perfect bump and has gained the perfect amount of weight and nothing extra according to the medical research. It was only yesterday I noticed that her waist hasn’t changed at all and from the back you wouldn’t even know she was pregnant. She is without doubt the most beautiful pregnant women ever to have walked the earth and is continuously told this by complete strangers. She looks gorgeous pregnant and I am very lucky to have her. 

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