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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 01/09/2014

If there’s 1 thing missing from The Dad Network, it’s an award! In all honesty, I’d take the award for the most spelling errors if there was one; at least it’s an award! :)

The Dad Network has grown phenomenally in the last 7 months. Thousands of people across the globe have stumbled across it and some even decided to stay, subscribe, comment and follow. (More fool them, I say!) But it has been amazing to see how quickly things have developed. 

We’ve worked with PR companies and developed regular writing opportunities outside of the blog and we’ve even broken well into the top 500 of the Tots100! Quite a challenge! (Number 277 officially!) 

Firstly. thank you to everyone who subscribes and reads – whether you enjoy it or not, your page visits are much appreciated so keep clicking that refresh button! 

Secondly, if for some unbeknown, unexpected and bizarre reason you have found a sentence or two that you’ve liked, made you laugh or titter, made you think or informed you in some way… 

There’s a few categories, so choose which you thinks best fits us, or nominate us for all. Sometimes a stab in the dark isn’t such a bad idea. 

Categories are:  

# Top Tweeter 

# Best Dad Blog 2014 

# Best blogpost of the year 2014 – There’s gotta be 1 that tickled you? 

# Best newcomer 2014 – We have only been running for 7 months!

# Best non dad blog 2014 – I’m a dad blogger, so, not sure I’d qualify but up to you!

# Most entertaining 2014 – I’d be honoured!

Anyway, I’ve filled this page with links to the site you need to visit to nominate us – now it’s over to you. 

Thanking you in advance….

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