Could Nostalgia Help Dads Get Through The Day?

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Ghostbusters is out at the cinema, everyone’s talking about Pokémon and Nintendo are re-releasing a classic console.

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With all this going on it brings nostalgia and a simpler time to my mind, especially with the recent attacks and what’s happening with our own UK politics.


To me, it shows that during these troubling times, all it takes is a piece of your childhood to return, to make you a child again, even if it’s for 5 minutes. It makes you think what seeing the world as if you were your child is like; how things like politics, terrorism and money to name a few just don’t matter.

How running around your neighbourhood trying to find that elusive Pokémon makes you not have a care in the world. How seeing 4 people using Proton Packs in a ghost infested city reminds you of watching the 80’s movie every day for weeks on end. And how seeing a classic games console being re-released makes you want to go into your attic, blow the dust off it and play some 8-bit games.

And then you realise you have to be an adult. You come crashing down to Earth with a thud, with no thanks to the news and the morning commute. You see everything going on around you in the world and it makes you want to curl up into a ball a hide away from everything. But you can’t, you have a family to look after and a job to maintain.


You wake up in the morning, hop in the shower and get breakfast ready for your family, you sit down and turn on the news to see this morning’s current affairs and that good mood you woke up with is gone. You try to move on, you leave for work, turning on Spotify to get some good music to lighten your mood and then you see your works office building and dread overcomes you as you know you have so many reports to file, people to manage, and tasks, which the deadlines for expired 3 weeks ago.

Lunchtime comes and you need to leave the office otherwise, you’ll go insane. You take a walk to catch some fresh air, all to return to the office to continue where you left off.

5:30 hits, you pack up your things, turn on Spotify again and head for home.

When you get home, dinner needs cooking, children need attending to and your partner needs some loving.


And during all of this you manage to squeeze in 10 minutes of “me” time. You get out your phone, turn on Pokémon and instantly you are transformed to your 8-year-old self. But you have to pull yourself away from that, you have to continue with your adult life.

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And after everything’s done and you go to sleep you realise that when you wake up you’ll have to do it all again.

It takes a while to realise that, yes nostalgia is a bitch, but it is a glorious bitch. One that makes you savour those 10 minutes of nostalgia and something that helps dads get through the day.

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  1. Martin Lee

    Great article. Have to be honest though films like the new ghostbusters annoy me…is there that few ideas coming through that they have to rehash old ones…Starsky abd Hutch, The A Team, Transformers…and now Ghost Busters! What’s next!?

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