Is there anything wrong with kissing your child on the lips?

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  1. Mike

    2 boys aged 3 and 6 and they always have a kiss and a cuddle before bed. Long may this continue. This shows mine and wifey’s live for them.

  2. Mike

    2 boys aged 3 and 6 and they always have a kiss and a cuddle before bed. Long may this continue. This shows mine and wifey’s love for them.

  3. John Grant

    Al you’re spot on! It’s perfectly natural to kiss your children on the lips, it’s a sign of love and affection. Both of my boys love a kiss.
    The world has gone mad.

  4. Simone

    Absolute rubbish. Charlie’s 10 and loves a cuddle and a kiss from Mum & Dad…we still even get a kiss and an “I love you” at the school gate – a kiss on the lips too.

    Long may it last I say.

    And as for my 9 month old…how can you not kiss your own cute, adorable baby on the lips?

    What has happened to these people to say showering your children with love and affection is wrong?


  5. ShireDad (Dan)

    My daughter insists on a kiss on the lips with all family members. There’s a big gap between infancy and what goes on as a teenager and I imagine children will probably go off kisses at some point in between, so enjoy the love and affection while it lasts. It’s pure, uncomplicated love between a child and parents/family and should be celebrated in my opinion. There’s far too much of applying adult sexual behaviour around the lives of children and it really needs to stop. Childhood is a wonderful time and lets keep it innocent and fun as it should be. Heck, that turned into a bit of a rant, didn’t it?

    • Al Ferguson

      Absolutely agree. They will let us know when they want it to change, so absolutely enjoy it while you can :)Totally agree with you – let children be children.

  6. Nathan

    Is it possible that the people that come up these crazy notions are in fact the dangerous people? Surely the only way you could think it is sexual in any way is if it appears that way to that person, in which case it is those crying out who I would not let my children near as I would be untrusting of their true nature.

  7. Christian Hughes

    A kiss is a sign of affection and love. It’s not inherently sexual at all. Consider how many cultures kiss as a greeting. But wait – that’s kisses on the cheek, I hear you cry. The thing is though, those customs have adapted from earlier customs of kissing on the lips. The prevention of the spread of disease was why they changed. And let’s be honest, that’s hardly a consideration with your kids – I couldn’t count the number of coughs or sneezes on my face.

    I genuinely think that this is one of those things where I would question the people proposing the point of view. If they find it sexual then there is something wrong with them.

  8. Elaine Livingstone

    Lips complete with runny snot from the nose is perfectly acceptable in my book. The only time I did not was with the older grandson who has serious food allergies and if I had been eating something he could not have then he got a kiss on the top of his head.
    My kids did and my grandkids do all kiss each other on the lips as well so not just parents/grandparents but siblings do as well. Though the 13 year old refuses to kiss the 10 year old at all., ( she will cuddle and high five him though)
    Stupid madness is what it is.

  9. Graham

    I kiss my daughter on the lips and screw anyone who thinks it’s wrong, simple!

  10. Laura Walker

    My 2 year old doesn’t go to bed without a big kiss from daddy and mummy. We will cuddle and kiss him for as long as he let’s us!

  11. Peter wiles

    My two year old daughter will kiss family and friends good bye, not go to bed without kisses (and tries kisses to not go to bed) and even my 4 year old godson kisses good bye.

    And let’s not start on the whole bath thing.

    And agree with those above. Media doesn’t help either.

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