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Older dads have smarter kids, suggests new research

Research is a funny thing.

It seems to sometimes come around in full circles, often being contradicted by someone else’s ‘research.’

When you’re trawling through Google you’re bound to find some research telling you that something was perfectly ok for babies and toddlers last month but is now completely against all recommendations and probably illegal!

It was only recently that the science community dubbed dads as having an ‘expiry date’ and that after a certain age sperm is pretty shoddy.

But don’t worry, because this new research shines a different light and that being an older dad may have its benefits too!

But some of the latest research, fresh out of New King’s College London, suggests that older dads aren’t as ‘redundant’ as first thought.

The new research says that sons of older dads are more intelligent, more focused on their interests and aren’t worried about peer pressure as much. Result! All things we’d want for our children.

So to those silver fox dads amongst us, your sons are, according to this research, ahead of the game when education, socialising and making a decent career for themselves is concerned…

…According to this week’s research that is!


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Older dads have smarter kids, suggests new research, ec77a02838b7d9ad93831e241173944f?s=90&r=g%, daily-dad, expecting%
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  • I don’t how they come up with some research. I just believe in how you bring kids up. Ie. If you read to them a lot. And if you give them your attention and time to teach them. Whether that’s true or not I’m not sure.

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