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One Dad And His iCandy

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For the die hard followers of The Dad Network, you’ll remember a post about which pushchair to buy. Since I made my choice,  we’ve also reviewed a couple of other great pushchairs. Pushchairs to dads are like a shotgun to a gamekeeper or lycra to a cyclist. It’s a vital bit of equipment that requires time and thought put into it to make the right choice. Half of the pregnancy was spent reading reviews and in-store test drives!

In the end, I went for the iCandy Strawberry and I haven’t looked back. I love this pushchair. You can read about it here, but in celebration of making the right choice (I rarely make the right choice) I’ve decided to start a little project. It’s called, ‘one dad and his iCandy.’

I’m aiming to share pictures of me (dad) and my pushchair in various interesting locations. You can see one of me on the beach above and below, one in front of a conveniently placed, ‘arty,’ battered old bulldozer…

The Dad Network presents, One Dad And His iCandy

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One Dad And His iCandy, IMG 2746 1024x768%, new-dad%

Keep an eye out for these pics on our Instagram, twitter and of course, here on the blog within this post.



About Al Ferguson

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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.
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  • Hi Al, we also debated prams for a long long time and eventually went for an iCandy apple to pear I think its called, it s awesome, handles well and looks great too…..

  • Awesome will keep a look out for more pictures

  • Interesting choice, you didn’t feel a rough terrain three wheeler would have been better for excursions? Nah only kidding.

    It’s a really good point I think often when it comes to pushchairs our inner caveman takes over (a bit like with cars) :) and this makes an interesting project I look forward to seeing where the buggy goes (will it end up like extreme ironing and you’ll have it up mountains?)

    Not saying women don’t like cars or anything or even that all men do, oh god I’ve just stereotyped us all again!

  • I don’t drive and have never had an interested in cars whatsoever – so buggy envy passed me by. I think i may be in the minority –

    Interesting photo concept – will it lead to extreme i-candying in dangerous places?

  • Just wait until you have to make the decision of which one to upgrade to when you have to push around more than 1! Better start reading up now! Lol
    Great photos!

  • Buggies for one, those were the days. My last few were doubles from friends but the one before that seated four and was about the size of an original mini. Certainly turned heads though :) lol

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