Our Favourite Halloween Costumes For Kids, halloween fall jack o lantern%, product-review, 4-5%

Our Favourite Halloween Costumes For Kids

As the nights draw in and it’s all getting a bit spooky, many of us are looking forward to dressing up and having fun this Halloween.

We have been searching the best selection of kids costumes so that you don’t have to and here are a few of our favourites!

For Babies

Our Favourite Halloween Costumes For Kids, Baby Bat Onesie Costume%, product-review, 4-5%

We love this little bat onesie for the tinies of your household. It’s priced at £19.99 and is a little bit different from the supermarket spiders and pumpkins we’ve seen out year after year.

For Toddlers

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The online independents have a great range again this year and we love this Dinky Dracula . It’s only £15.99 and look how gorgeous it looks. A little trick is to size up, roll the cuffs and legs up so it lasts a bit longer too! Theres a older style Dracula too for a sibling twinning trick or treat!

For kids at school

Our Favourite Halloween Costumes For Kids, Asda%, product-review, 4-5%

Our supermarkets are doing the spooky holiday proud with a great selection that won’t break the bank. This Spooktacular Day of the Dead outfit is a bargain £12 from Asda.

For the teens

The older the get the more spookier the costumes get. We have to say we would be jumping if we found this Bone Jangles at our front door!

And well we couldn’t miss out but we didn’t want to spook the kids put as much so here are a couple of mum and dad outfits which won’t spook the kids too much!

For Mums

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This Cleopatra is perfect for the mama of the family.

For Dads

Our Favourite Halloween Costumes For Kids, 67056%, product-review, 4-5%

And how about Dad? The traditional skeleton is perfect and we love this take on it with a suave Tux option from Tu!

We would love to know what you are dressing up as this Halloween. Send your spooky photos on our Facebook!

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