Our Favourite LGBT Blogs for Pride Month

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June is globally considered to be Pride month to commemorate the Stonewall riots which took place in the early hours of June 28th, 1969, so it makes sense to talk about our favourite LGBT blogs during the month of June and celebrate the rainbow coloured spectrum of families which exist within our lives (and internet browsers).

First up we have Lesbemums

Lesbemums run a same sex family blog which documents family life in a two-mum family. Kate and Sharon live near Brighton in East Sussex and as well as covering their journey whilst trying to conceive and all the topics that follow a successful pregnancy (breastfeeding, weaning etc) they also talk about LGBT issues such as the representation of LGBT characters on the big screen and the danger of the prevalence of casual homophobia. It would be well worth checking out their website and you can also find them over on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Secondly we have Queer Little Family

Queer Little Family features Bread, who is bisexual and genderfluid. Bread is married to Bethend and together they have an adorable child, Snappy, who turns three in August. Their blog covers everything from parenting and mental health to days out and ‘Raising a Genderful Kid’. You can also follow them over on Facebook here.

Then we have Daddy and Dad

Daddy and Dad features Jamie and Tom, two dads who have adopted two sons, Lyall and Richard. Daddy and Dad helpfully document the fascinating world of adoption and they talk about the time they met their boys for the first time and also discuss the everyday ups and downs of life with children. You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Next we have The Unlikely Dad

The Unlikely Dad (who is otherwise known as 34 year old, Tom) provides something of a public service when he wrote a list of questions you shouldn’t ask a gay dad. He also writes about life with his husband, Daniel, and their adopted son. He has a section on his website dedicated to the adoption process and a form you can fill out should you have any further questions on the process. You can follow him on instagram here. ​

Finally we have Nick King’s World

This blog is written by (surprise, surprise) Nick King and it documents his life with his husband, J, who is a doctor and their two adopted children. In his own words he has had ‘a successful business career, including working with many famous people in the entertainment industry.’  He ‘even missed out on a seat in Parliament by just 270 votes.’ But he states that nothing has compared to raising and building a family. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Who have missed? Pop your favourite LGTB blogger in the comments and we’ll be sure to check them out!

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  1. Kate | Lesbemums

    Guys, thank you so much for the mention and for the wonderful words. We’re in FABULOUS company.

    Happy Pride, Dadsnet.

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