Owning your Fears

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  1. Sam

    Sounds like you have been given some fantastic advice here Al! The one thing that really resonates with me is trying to replace negativity with positivity. It’s human nature to focus on the daily challenges we face and automatically look at what we can’t do, why we can’t do it, what’s preventing us from being where we want to be and letting that affect us mentally. The daily list of good things that have happened is great advice and I believe this would really help anyone to try to realise, recognise and live their happiness that is already present, but overruled but their worries, fears and concerns. Everyone should take time to embrace the good around them, taking note and focussing your energy on even the smallest postitive occurrences will help change your mindset and play a huge part in a happier, healthier lifestyle!

  2. Giles

    Great post Al! Fear can be so crippling for sure, and I’ve definitely felt the same pressures as you in terms of providing for my family. I know it’s part of the day job (and I know you and Jen fo this quite a bit already), but time off social media definitely seems to help my mental health and relationship with my other half too.

    Monkey bites though…I have no remedies for that!

  3. Connor

    This is great Al, we all have so many fears around our family and providing for them is a big one, its really helpful to see that there are things out there to support and genuine useful advice!

  4. Alex

    Mate this is so postive and amazing well done

  5. Nomadi Daddy

    I think it’s just as important to have a mental health check up as it is a physical one. Living with someone who has mental health issues can seriously affect your own health… Especially if you are the “strong” one.

    It’s great to hear that there are services like this available through an insurance policy and it sounds like you got some great advice.

    I can see how manageable setting small goals could be and how actually allowing yourself the “me time” to achieve them would be beneficial… not only to you, but to your entire family.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Al – Perhaps I should rethink my policies…

  6. TheChallengedDad

    Couldn’t agree a more about coming to your own conclusions and embracing your fears. I’m going through some therapy/training at the moment and the one thing that has really resonated with me so far is that we should not try to dismiss our thoughts and/or fears, but to accept them and change our relationship with them.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences Al. People do no give enough focus on keeping their mental health in check, even though we run straight for help with any physical health issues.

  7. Irish_dad_with_2_english_girls

    Posts like this are really helping to promote the idea that it’s ok for men no to have to be the strong silent type anymore. But it is so deeply engrained in us that we don’t always open up about things.

    The concept of the stress bucket into which we pile everything we don’t want to deal with, or the things we refuse to admit is causing us stress is very familiar. It’s something I do, as I don’t want to ‘bother’ my family with the issues as they have their own stuff going on.

    As a teacher, it’s very difficult to switch off entirely during term time. Always thinking about lessons, planning, assessment or just worrying about something a child said or did. I love the idea of having the one day a week just dedicated to family to totally switch off from work and just be present with my kids. Definitely something I’m going to try to do!

    Thanks Al!

  8. Martin Rowe

    Sound very much like me & my mrs! She woorues about everything & duesbt understand how I can be so lated back about things.

    Taking time for yourself is very important though, Ive discovered how beneficial it is recently as I’m playing football again & running both of which have made me feel great

  9. Rhys

    all about keeping it all in check. been guilty of to-do list doomageddon getting the better of me, and feeling weighed under.
    so spent the weekend camping with good company i hadnt seen in a while, a bit of an escape from it all. come back with some positive solutions not dissimilar to those suggested about..
    • me time (doing something positive for yourself)
    • getting out there and doing something physical
    • being present in the moment when with family

    so here’s to a positive and successful end to 2018.
    When we heading to the mountains next? Need a date for the diary!


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