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Parent & Child Parking Spaces: “Parents are just lazy”

During a recent episode of Channel 5’s, Britain’s Parking Hell, they briefly covered the global issue of childless motorists parking in bays specifically reserved for parents with children in toe.

It’s an issue that I myself have encountered on a number of occasions and I often find myself scouring the rear windows of any car even approaching the parking bays for evidence of a child!

I’m not alone in my passion for justice when parent & child parking is concerned. We shared the discussion on our Facebook page, which proved a catalyst for people to let out some seemingly deep routed issues!

I know what you’re thinking, the parents who follow a parenting Facebook page must have all agreed that it is completely outrageous that non-parents would dare park in these spaces. But read on. Here are a few of the comments from our Facebook page discussion. 

I think they’re inconsiderate c**ts… Love from a mother of two kids under 19 months

They’re called parent & child spaces for a reason. Most people are just selfish, lazy and inconsiderate. It’s the same with the people who park in disabled bays without a blue card.

It’s about the extra space needed trying to unload babies and young children from the car with their car seats and equipment, without damaging cars on either side.

I hate when people park in these spaces who don’t need to. I don’t care if they are further away from the shops either. It’s so difficult to get my little girl out of the car while pregnant!

People who park there without kids should have their cars crushed on site!

Since it is not illegal (it’s against car park rules but not illegal) its disregarded by many elderly, lazy burger munchers, generally people that don’t know why they have been created or think for one reason or another they are better than the rest of us.

Cock Wombles, that’s what they are.

But you’d be wrong…

Not the same at all. Parents are not disabled just lazy, can’t be bothered to walk a few extra meters to the supermarket entrance.

There are car owners out there who also face challenges when getting in and out of their cars in car parks but are not or do not want to be classed as disabled. Why should parking provisions be made just for parents and children? Why do they think they are so special? Parents of the past coped without issue so could it be that modern parents are inadequate?

The challenges you (parents) face are not unique to your group in society and so you should not be exclusively be treated differently.

Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. And I think moaning about it is absurd.

Can we clear up a few facts. These are not needed. They are a nicety to have. If there isn’t any available spaces, what do parents do? Let me guess, use a normal car parking space. To claim you NEED this is mental, but yes it’s nice to have.

What do you think about it? Don’t hold back; let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below, or why not start a conversation in our forum? 


  • Would have been a nightmare with our newborn car seat as we were taking that in and out.

    But we’ve got the narrow shimmy in and out down to a T now she’s a bit older.

    Strapping her into the car seat though? Well that’s a whole new challenge. I vote for these spaces to have seatbelt butlers to harness a wry child in whilst your wrestle the trolley and shopping. Now that’s a privilege I’d pay for! Hahaa.

  • In order for people, whoever they are, not to knock the car next door ALL spaces should be wider. Car parking spaces are getting smaller, cars are getting larger and, if we are honest, so are people! Larger spaces for all should be a must. Just because you have children doesn’t mean that everyone else is either sufficiently mobile or small enough to get in the gap between cars. Invisible disabilities that don’t warrant a blue badge are commonplace and I constantly worry about my small car when I leave it in a car park.

  • I think the main issue is, keeping young children safe who are not easily seen in a car park with a few hundred vehicles.
    When there are spaces by the shop, it’s easier to keep them safe and not having them walking/running across the car park.

  • I won’t mind if the parent and child spaces were at the opposite side of the car park from the shop. I want the extra room so my 4 year old doesn’t open the door into your expensive, shiny car and so I can get my babies car seat in the back without also scratching your nice shiny expensive car. The lazy people are the people who park there without children

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