Parents Are Furious That CBeebies Are Now Starting Bedtime Hour 15 Minutes Earlier

CBeebies Bedtime

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CBeebies bedtime hour is now no longer an hour. They’ve extended it by 15 minutes, and rebranded it as ‘CBeebies Bedtime running from 5:45pm until 7:00pm and parents are not happy.

CBeebies have added a brand new show to the bedtime lineup called ‘Moon & Me’ from the same creators as ‘In The Midnight Garden’, which will get CBeebies Bedtime going at 5:45pm.

Bedtime hour is designed with calming shows designed to help children wind down at the end of the day before bed. I can’t say we’ve ever been a family heavily reliant on CBeebies bedtime hour, in fact, it was a fairly rare occurrence, however, for thousands of families across the UK CBeebies Bedtime is a firm part of their bedtime routine.

So this change has left some parents pretty disgruntled…

It seems like this may be blown a little out of proportion. It’s a mere 15 minutes and whilst you may want your children to enjoy the full 75 minutes of CBeebies Bedtime, they don’t have to. It’s perfectly ok to join at the usual 6:00pm.

Nothing has changed for any parent across the nation. If you were a parent who switched on the telebox at 6pm to tune into CBeebies, guess what, you can still do exactly that.

It’s not as if they’ve cut it short or replaced it with more Mr Tumble!

Mind you, it seems that @GingeKnievil has got it right:

How do you feel about the change?

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