Parents of children aged five to 11 can book Covid jab appointments online

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Parents and guardians of children aged between five and 11 years old can book Covid-19 vaccine appointments online from today.

Dr Lucy Jessop, director of public health at the National Immunisation Office, said that the HSE is expanding access to clinics for parents and guardians of children.

“It will give them an opportunity to bring their child for the vaccine at a time that suits them,” Dr Jessop said.

“We appreciate that parents/guardians are busy and we want to help make it as accessible as possible.

“Next week’s midterm also gives parents another option to bring their children for a Covid-19 vaccine and we are encouraging parents and guardians to bring them along to one of our vaccination centres.

“Parents and guardians should get their information from a trusted source, such as or a medical professional when making the decision to vaccinate their child.”

Damien McCallion, HSE national lead for vaccinations, said: “We understand that parents want information about the Covid-19 vaccine for this age group and would always encourage parents to find this information from trusted sources such as the HSE.

“Today, we are offering parents the opportunity to choose a time and clinic that suits them, we understand that parents are busy and this will give them more flexibility.

“The mid-term break also offers an ideal opportunity for parents or guardians to arrange this.”

Are you getting your children vaccinated against Covid?  Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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