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Pastor Yells at Children “Your Parents Are Lying To You Santa Isn’t Real”

Firstly, watch the video. It’s embedded below, but if it isn’t working on your device, click here.

Secondly, I’m not going to get into a religious debate over this. The comments on the original post itself go into all that, trying to debate the fact that whilst these children have never seen Santa, he also has never seen Jesus…

Pastor Yells at Children Your Parents Are Lying To You Santa Isn’t Real!

The point we want to make, here at The Dad Network, is that as parents we make decisions for our children all the time. We decide what they eat, when they sleep, what they wear, who they see etc etc etc. We also decide what to tell them. I don’t tell my children about my sex life or about my finances or about my addiction to breakfast cereal.

And you know what, those things are my choice to make. Not yours, nor anyone else. I am my children’s father and I will do what I think is best. Now, short of being completely abusive to our children, no-one has any rights to take those decisions away from us. No-one. (Even mother-in-laws).

I think that everyone will agree that encouraging the magic of Santa at Christmas is far from harmful or abusive, in which case, it’s my decision when to divulge the world’s best secret to them.

This Pastor takes away these parents choice to parent how they want. And that to me is unacceptable. Completely unacceptable.

Regardless of whether religion is involved or not (although it does make this even messier…), this pastor is out of order.

That’s my thoughts at least. What about you?

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  • I agree with you and the dad’s…if a lie results in feeling of magic and wonderment fine!

  • Andy Bleasdale 15th December 2016 Reply

    To quote Miracle on 34th Street (remake) “What’s worse? A lie that draws a smile or a truth that draws a tear?” I will tell my kids that Santa / Father Christmas is real to keep that innocence & joy in their hearts.
    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Santa Claus a corruption of Saint Nicholas? I think if the church canonises someone, that generally makes them real or at least acknowledged as existing.

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