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Welcoming Our Official Gift Partner – Ask Her Friends: Perfect Gifts For Her

Dads, it’s right around the corner! It’s fast approaching! Arguably the most difficult day in the calendar…

Valentines Day!!

What’s their ring size? Do they like chocolate orange? Which restaurant is the perfect mix between romance and affordable? Have you arranged a babysitter? What dress/lingerie size is she? Have you asked their friends if there’s anything they want? Do you spend money or make something with love? (Although we all know that it’s actually made in a mad rush with frustration, panic and stress!)

Valentines day is the war zone of annual events!

But don’t panic! Now would be a good time to introduce The Dad Network’s official gift partner; and we could not be prouder! Thus solving all you valentines day gift problems!

Ask Her Friends is an online gift shop that specialises in fool proof gifts. The concept is that these are the gifts that if you did ask her friend what to get, this is what they’d say. And so far, for me, it’s worked a treat!

They now have a great section especially for Valentines Day, so stop reading this and go and get organised for this ‘wonderful, magical, romantic, special’ day!

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They’ve got something for every budget and every taste. Really, you won’t ever go wrong with this place – you’ll find little gems just perfect for your partner.

Go on… treat that special someone this valentines day! You can thank me later ;)


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