Peter Jones Sexist Comments, Peter Jones1%, uncategorised%

Peter Jones Sexist Comments

Peter Jones Sexist Comments, Peter Jones1%, uncategorised%

Whilst watching Dragons Den today, I saw 2 male entrepreneurs trying to expand their business, ‘Snuggle Bundl.’ It is a blanket that contains the baby and in theory, allows you to pick up and lower the baby without disturbing it when sleeping.  Peter Jones described it as a “blanket with handles,” which, in effect, it is.

Now, I want to make it very clear that I am not reviewing the product, recommending it or concerned with it. You can make up your own mind from their website ( after watching the episode. But, what I do want to comment on is the fact that Peter Jones absolutely discredited the product based on the fact that 2 men were pitching. He even asked the other dragons whether he was being sexist because, in my opinion,  he knew he was!
2 (presumed) dads turned up with a product and pitched. Regardless of the product, Peter Jones dismissed them and said it was “weird” that 2 men were pitching holding babies. The 2 men glossed over this and invited their 3rd team member to come in. She was a women. The program presenter then said that as she has arrived the product now has more credibility!!! Why? How? What?!?!?
#1 Men can design baby products just as well as women and do all over the world.
#2 Men should be treated the same as women when talking about baby products. Why wouldn’t they be treated the same? In fact, we probably bring a more rounded view of things! ;) I think men are just as credible as women in this field, and should be treated this way.
#3 How is 2 dads carrying babies weird? Has Peter Jones never had any children? And if he has, has he never held them? (I’d best stop before I’m rude.)
Generally speaking, I like Peter Jones, but I am flabbergasted and overwhelmed by his extraordinary comments to these men on Dragons Den.
I urge you to watch the clip whilst it is still on iPlayer and comment, make a fuss, re-post this post, write your own post, share on facebook or twitter or do something! Am I over reacting? Obviously, I’m new to all this so maybe I’m being naive. 

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  • Family life 9th June 2014 Reply

    Seriously ridiculous that he said that. Sometimes other men are the ones who hold back dads who enjoy being dads because they are envious of them.

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