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Since Ted’s birth 2 and a half years ago, I’ve slowly put on weight and lost my fitness.

The days of nipping out for a quick jog or cycle seemed to have vanished and consequently, I’m really starting to notice it.

But now I’m doing something about it. Not specifically for my benefit, but more for my children’s. I mean, if I had my way, I’d sit on the sofa all day long eating those new ‘Oreo Thins.’ However, that would fall firmly, into my ‘bad fathering’ category. I wouldn’t be setting a good example, I wouldn’t be demonstrating what a healthy lifestyle is and I wouldn’t be around too long to see them grow into adults.

So it’s time to change.

With the to-do almost complete it leaves me just item number 5 to crack on with. And I must say, this is the most exciting point on the list!

As a stay-at-home-dad there’s no better way to test out a product than letting your 2-year-old take the lead. So that’s exactly what I did. Ted and I sat down at the kitchen table and proceeded to see just how easy it was to make a delicious & healthy juice using the Philips Avance Collection Centrifugal Juicer.

It’s true what I say in the video, out the box, this is a really cool bit of kit. You can tell the quality of the components just by putting them together, which by the way, was ridiculously easy and self-explanatory.

It’s then a simple case of adding your ingredients, remembering to put the lid on, and turning the juicer on.

We sat back, had a giggle (I’m not entirely sure why but I tend not to ask ‘why’ when Ted’s concerned most of the time) and watched the jug fill up with juice. Simple & easy.

And this juicer is exactly that;

  • There’s no complex setup required, it’s just a matter of taking it out the box and turning it on.
  • This juicer comes with QuickClean technology which means you can tidy up in just 1 minute after using it. (Ted’s Nanny found it really easy to do… She insisted!)
  • Preparation time is also reduced dramatically due to the extra-large feeding tube. You don’t need to pre-cut your fruit and veg as it can cope with larger pieces.
  • The FibreBoost technology also ensures that you can have up to 50% more fibre in your juice.

The fact is, I need to do something about my diet – my portion sizes are too big and my diet is completely carb heavy; I’m putting on too much weight! Getting this juicer to test out and joining in the Philips #healthyhabitswap campaign has given me the kick up the backside I needed to make a change.

I have been starting my day with a juice for a while now (except on those weekend morning where Jen knocks up a fry up for me…) and I’m already starting to feel a difference.

One of the best things about using the juicer is that it’s a brilliant way of involving the kids in the kitchen. Getting Ted involved is great fun but I’ve always been hesitant due to hazards and mess. Juicing like this limits both those hesitations.

Ted loved getting the ingredients, popping them in the juicer, turning it on and drinking what he made. There are some great benefits to using a juicer with the children:

  • It’s brilliant to use with the kids because it’s so straight-forward to use.
  • It’s hands on and children love to ‘do’ rather than stand back and watch from the sidelines.
  • It helps promote a healthy diet.
  • You can have fun learning the names of the ingredients.
  • Mess is limited and clean up is quick.

The Philips Centrifugal Juicer is a mean bit of kit. It does what it promises and does it incredibly well. It couldn’t be easier to use and is quick to clean. The only down side, is the size. It’s a pretty hefty bit of kit so you’d need a bit of work-top space or cupboard space to store it.

Ted and I have loved juicing together. We’ve been having so much fun tasting new recipes, experimenting with new ingredients and using the juicer itself. In fact, Ted’s favourite thing to do is simply turn it on!

We’ll certainly continue to make delicious juices using the Philips Avance Centirfugal Juicer!

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