Piers Morgan dubs parents as feckless and lazy in GMB melt down whilst sat next to me!

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  1. Martin lee

    Saw this this morning and I do not feel piers conducted the interview in a professional manner

  2. Shey

    So, instead of having a reasonable debate, Piers opts for being an idiot.
    Support, education, and communication are needed when it comes to school packed lunches.
    Not vilification and humiliation.

  3. Chris

    Unfortunately that is what Piers is there for. His shock jock tactic are I am sure part of his contract.
    Education and communication work to point. That said I think it is fair to shame some parents – if only!!. Some of them have no shame (yes, it’s true) and so what do you do with those?

  4. Christian Lee

    In a RARE day of poor planning, I sent my kid with cold leftovers. He said the other kids were jealous he had a burger instead of their choices.

    A: It’s not an everyday thing
    B: Lighten up Pierce, you douche nozel

  5. Kieran

    “One thing I’ve learnt from spending time with Piers Morgan, is that he does a damn good job at putting on a show.”

    Unfortunately, this is his whole MO. He doesn’t care to actually discuss issues and debate things. He just wants to shout his mouth off for attention.

    You don’t need to explain yourself. You have a very good argument to make, but you were never going to be able to make it with such a close-minded buffoon next to you.

    Next time, go on BBC Breakfast.

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