Pocket money | New Survey Reveals The Average Amounts Given By Parents

Pocket money | New Survey Reveals The Average Amounts Given By Parents

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Do you give it to your children? How much per week? From what age? Do your children earn their pocket money or are they given it weekly regardless of behaviour?

The UK’s largest regular pocket money survey conducted by RoosterMoney, surveyed 25,000 4-14 year olds. The results reveal how much pocket money UK children received last year and what they did with it. 


The results show  

  • 74% of parents gave regular pocket money in 2019
  • The average weekly allowance is £5.25 (£273 a year), up 7.5% from £254 in 2018
  • Children received an average of £49 in cash gifts for Christmas
  • The most lucrative chores are mowing the lawn, washing the car & gardening.
  • The most popular things to save for are Lego Sets, Phones & Nintendo Switch
  • Of all the money received/earned, the average saved is 38%

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The survey also reveals the items that children were saving their money for in 2019. 

Top things to SAVE for in 2019:

1. Lego Sets 

2. Phones 

3. Nintendo Switch 

4. Holiday Money 

5. Books & Magazines 

6. Bikes 

7. Pokemon

8. Playstation 

9. Tablets 

10. Xbox 

As well as revealing the top items to spend their pocket money on.

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Top things to SPEND on in 2019:

1. Books & Magazines 

2. Sweets 

3. Lego 

4. Presents 

5. Roblox 

6. Fortnite 

7. Playstation 

8. Xbox 

9. Pokemon 

10. Apps 

And perhaps most interestingly, the survey revels the average pocket money gained from completing chores.

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Top EARNING chores of 2019:

1. Mowing the lawn, £2.86

2. Washing the car, £2.62

3. Gardening, £2.08

4. Washing windows, £1.53

5. Cleaning bathroom, £1.28

6. Cleaning kitchen, £0.99

7. Hoovering, £0.98

8. Dusting, £0.98

9. Helping make dinner, £0.93

10. Clean bedroom, £0.92

Encouragingly the survey concludes that children are picking up lasting money saving habits as young as 7 years old and that a pocket money routine is a great way to build positive money habits early on. 

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