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Pooing during labour; What men REALLY think

As a man, I must admit labour sounds and looks pretty horrific. How something of that size, comes out of ‘there’, I’ll never know.

The contractions look excruciatingly painful and more than that, relentless. And then you have the added bonus of it potentially lasting for hours and hours.

It is, at best, a trauma.

Now, all of those things would fill me with utter fear if I had to go through them. Yet, I found out that these are not the things women worry about most when it comes to giving birth.

No, apparently the worst fear for a pregnant woman is this…

Pooing herself in front of her partner

Unfortunately, Jen won’t actually allowed to discuss my personal experience of poo during labour, as she has threatened me with divorce. Apologies and welcome to my world…

But don’t worry, I asked dads from The Dad Network to share their pooing during labour stories with us – here’s what men really think about it:

Pooing during labour; What men REALLY think, bc141 650x650%, daily-dad%

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