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Pop’s Pics #1 – MY SUNDAY PHOTO

Ok, so before I share the pic I must confess that I don’t actually take these photos. My dad does. I call him pop, hence the Pop’s Pics title. My dad & I go out for walks most weekend, with the boy, for long walks and that’s really special time. Pop takes photo’s on the walk and this is the result. It’s great that I have found this way to share in his hobby with him, despite barely knowing which way round to point a camera. Anyway, after speaking to him, he wants the credit… so now he has. There you go pop, well done! To be fair, I think his pics are amazing. He seems to have a photographic eye that I obviously didn’t inherit.

Here’s this weeks photo:

Pop's Pics #1 - MY SUNDAY PHOTO, DSC 5148 1024x680%, uncategorised%

I wonder the story behind this glove? Any ideas?


Pop's Pics #1 - MY SUNDAY PHOTO, Sundaylge e1396359989177%, uncategorised%

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