Pregnancy Old Wives Tales You Need to Stop Believing Now!

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Pregnancy old wives tales can contain glimmers of truth, but the majority have been proved false! Here are some pregnancy tales to avoid!

Pregnancy old wives tales are often superstition bundles up to look like useful help. While most people will swear that they are true, the majority have been proved false by science. Here are some that you disregard when someone tells you about it!

If a woman is carrying high, it’s a girl – if she’s carrying low, it’s a boy

This one has more to do with stomach muscles than your baby’s gender!  If a woman is carrying high, then it means that she has strong stomach muscles to support the extra weight that is being piled on!  A tummy that carries low is more likely to indicate that this is a second or third pregnancy!

If dads gain weight during the pregnancy then it’s a girl

This is false!  While ‘Dad Weight’ is a real thing, it’s not associated with the gender of the baby! It’s more likely to be comfort eating along with your pregnant partner!

Pregnancy acne is a girl stealing your beauty

This one sounds like it is from a teenage drama series!  No baby is stealing anyone’s beauty! Acne and weight gain are common in pregnancy, no matter the gender of your baby!

Weight gain on the belly, it’s a boy – weight gain on the hips, waist and rear, it’s a girl

This one has more to do with the mum’s body shape! If she has a long torso, the baby doesn’t show so much, but if she has a short torso, the only way is forward! It has nothing to do with the baby’s gender!  

Don’t eat spicy food during pregnancy as it burns the babies eyes

This is 100% a myth.  Eating a spicy curry certainly won’t burn your babies eyes or leave them blind! The only reason to avoid a jalfrezi during pregnancy is if you are suffering from heartburn as it will only make it worse! Your takeaway favourites can still be enjoyed for the whole nine months!


Sweet cravings means you are having a girl, salty cravings for a boy

This is a myth.  Cravings often indicate something your body needs, so don’t use your addiction to haribo’s as a gender predictor!

Cat’s steal air from a baby’s mouth

This one is just plain false and there are tons of cute videos to prove it! This might be owing to cats snuggling up to little babies which can be dangerous as it can lead to suffocation.  Don’t relinquish your moggy and just make sure they have a nice snuggly igloo away from where your baby sleeps.  

What are your favourite Old Wive’s Tales? Let us know in the comments!

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