Preparing for a Baby – What to Stockpile?

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Stockpiling is essential if you don’t want to leave the house, so make sure you are well prepared before your new bubba arrives!

While creating a ‘stockpile’ of essentials before you have a baby may sound dramatic, but it can be one of the biggest blessings when your little one is born. For first time parents, bringing home your bundle of joy comes with a large number of shocks! The first one is truly how much time you will lose to your new baby, and how little sleep you can survive on!

On top of all of this, your partner has struggled through childbirth, is trying to recover and vaginal tearing is no joke! If you find yourself sitting on the toilet after a 2 am feeding, the last thing you want to find is that there is no toilet paper in the house!

So while you are both in the nesting phase, start preparing for your baby in every way possible!

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Stockpiling is essential if you don’t want to leave the house, so make sure you are prepared well before your new babba arrives!


Making sure that you have a fully stocked kitchen will be one of the most important things when you have a little baby! You will want to make quick and easy things that you can eat quickly and get back to your new bundle!

  1. Freezer Meals – make sure your freezer is full to the brim with healthy foods that you enjoy eating! You will most likely not have the energy to cook for yourself, so having enough supplies is a godsend!
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  2. Easy Carbs – Pasta, rice, things that you can chuck in a saucepan and cook in 10 minutes!
  3. Snacks – If your partner is up at 2 am, they will want to have something to munch on! Stock up on your favourite treats, and healthy bars.
  4. Food staples – What do you eat on a regular basis? Stock up on that! Maybe you get through loads of olive oil or ketchup?
  5. Quick Meals – Canned soup, baked beans, you could even grab some fray bentos! You can have supper on the table in a couple of minutes!

While it is important to stock up, most supermarkets do online deliveries, so you can book them and not have to leave your home!


This one can be pretty obvious, but you will likely get through many baby products in their first few weeks. Make sure you are all prepared!

  1. Baby Soap – Owing to their delicate and sensitive skin, babies need to have special soap, so grab some while you are at your supermarket.
  2. Nappies – You will get through so many nappies, with some babies needing changing 10 times a day in the first few weeks! You can choose either cloth or modern nappies – whichever you want, but make sure you have loads!
  3. Wet Wipes – Disposable water-based wipes will be your lifesaver! They are particularly good for sensitive skin. Make sure you always have loads in your stockpile, and one in every bag and in the glove compartment in your car!
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  4. Nappy Cream – Because their skin is so delicate, babies can develop nasty rashes, but slap some on and they should be right as rain. I would recommend sudocrem, but there are plenty of other amazing. products out there.
  5. Formula – If you are choosing to feed your baby formula, make sure that you have plenty in your stockpile, as there is nothing worse than running out at 2 am!

Bathroom Supplies

Your baby will be sick on you countless times, and while you might not have time to wash yourself every time they do, it is nice to know that you are well stocked!

  1. Toilet Paper – Toilet paper is the one staple that will help make you feel human. Running out while you are sitting there is one of the worst feelings, so make sure you have plenty in your pile!

  2. Nice Bubble Bath – Sometimes you will need a lovely bath to set the world to right! Make sure you have your favourite scented bubble bath to hand and relax!
  3. Dry Shampoo – This should be your no.1 go-to! Have 5 bottles! One new mum says that she has it on repeat subscription on amazon! It will save you when you have guests over and you haven’t been able to shower!
  4. Toothpaste – It makes you feel human and is a pain when it goes!
  5. Razors and shaving products – Relatives pop by often in the first few weeks!

Cleaning Supplies

With a new baby, you will be wanting to keep everything clean! Try to avoid harsh chemicals during this time.
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Eco sprays should be good for this. The main product to get is baby-safe laundry powder, as lots contain chemicals that aren’t good for little ones!

Postpartum Care Kit

Your baby mama has just given birth, so making sure that she has this ready to hand when

  1. Peri bottle – The hospital will likely give you one, but you can get ones that spray upside down easily!
  2. Perineal cold packs – This could be a squishy ice pack, or you can make your own padsicles (pads frozen with natural healing lotions for your partner to hold in their knickers)
  3. Perineal spray – This spray is used to help calm down the bruising and after-effects of giving birth.
  4. Pads – Giant pads can be a bit cumbersome, so stock up on overnight pads for heavy flow with wings. Your partner will love you as they aren’t too bulky.
  5. Disposable postpartum underwear – The hospital gives you a pair, but grab some for afterwards.
  6. Flushable wipes – The thought of toilet paper can be too much to bear when you first give birth, so grab some of those water wipes from your baby stockpile!
  7. Stool softener – All of the pain medication can leave your partner feeling bunged up, so some of these can help get everything flowing.
  8. Panty Liners – After progressing from large pads, its good to have some of these in stock.
  9. Comfortable but chuckable underwear, if needed – Make sure you stock up on multi-packs of granny panties! They will be your partner’s go-to, after pushing a little watermelon out of them!

What did you stock up on for your new baby? Tell us about it down below!

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