Prime Viral Drink – Is it safe for your kids?

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The buzz surrounding Prime drinks has been inescapable, especially among the younger generation.

Here’s an exploration of what makes these beverages trend, and their suitability for children.

Prime Unveiled:

Prime drinks, introduced by internet sensations Logan Paul and KSI in collaboration with Congo Brands, encompass two variants: Prime Hydration and Prime Energy. They stormed the UK market with an array of flavours like Meta Moon and Blue Raspberry, garnering immense popularity among the youth.


Prime Hydration touts a health-centric composition with coconut water, minimal sugar, BCAAs for muscle enhancement, and a blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants. On the flip side, Prime Energy is carbonated, infused with caffeine and sugar, promising an energy boost.

The Viral Wave:

The fusion of trendy flavours with the star power of KSI and Logan Paul propelled Prime drinks to viral status. Initially launched in the US, they made a grand entry into the UK, selling out almost instantly in stores like Aldi and Asda.

Suitability for Kids:

The core concern revolves around Prime Energy, owing to its caffeine content. In the UK, energy drinks are defined by a caffeine concentration of 150mg per litre or more, which calls for parental discretion when it comes to youngsters’ consumption.

Safety Precedence:

Parents are urged to understand the distinct nature of Prime drinks. While Prime Hydration seems a healthier choice, the caffeinated Prime Energy warrants a cautious approach, especially for children and teens.


This comprehensive insight aims to demystify the viral Prime drinks, aiding parents in making informed choices in the trendy beverage terrain​.


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