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Product Review – Fab Little Shop

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Fab Little Shop sell wonderful gifts. In a sense, it’s an online gift shop. There’s no denying that there are plenty of online gift shops, but it needs saying that this one is fantastic. They sell everything from toys to gift cards and clothes to fathers day gifts. We received a really fun baby grow. Check out the picture above.  

These baby onsies have been hand drawn by Jam & Boo illustrations. This one is of a ‘quirky’ little sausage and says “Amazing Little Sausage” on it. Arguably, the sausage looks suspiciously like something else… but this would only be a draw for A) dads & B) boys.

These are really good fun, there’s a few others in the collection, made in the UK, nice bold colours which are helpful for baby’s sight development and made really well. 

It seems a little harsh, but the only consideration I have is that in this day and age the whole organic cotton is pretty big and promoted, so that’s the only area I can see for improvement. You can only buy these from Fab Little Shop so it is worth checking them out. 

I’m going to give these a Dad Network star rating of 4.5 / 5  
It’s well worth taking a look. 
Product Review - Fab Little Shop, photo 111%, product-review%
But I am going to highly recommend the shop itself. 
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