Pumpkinbaby – Product Review

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Disclaimer: I haven’t actually tested this product out on a baby, what with Rex not being around just yet…but it is such a great product that I wanted to share it now. 

This company, ‘Pumpkin Baby’ make luxurious baby clothes. Their slogan is, ‘made with love’ and in my opinion it really does come across. This baby grow that you can see is without a doubt, the nicest baby grow I have every seen or touched. 

Firstly, the material they use to make their products is 100% organic cotton making it softer than the babies bum itself. I need to find some adult clothes made from this stuff, it’s wonderful! I should think that it is more likely that UKIP will get in power than a baby will find the material irritating! (Actually, that is quite likely…I’ll rephrase.) I should think it is more likely that England will win the world cup than a baby will find the material irritating.

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(Much better!) 

Secondly, the design of their clothes is second to none. I suppose this does depend on taste and varies from person to person, but for me and my style, you can’t beat it.
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They have a traditional design, stripes and muted colours, that make babies just look …
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Thirdly, they are easy to wash. Now, please don’t ask me for details here…

it was only recently I found out what a ‘colour catcher’ was. 

All in all, these baby clothes are adorable, luxurious, stylish and quality. The only 2 considerations I have are: 

#1 Quality clothing always comes at a price. These are luxurious baby clothes, so of course they are going to be on the pricey side and not aimed at those penny pinching, bargain busters among us. These baby clothes are like the Audi of the baby clothing world. Fantastic products, but more expensive than mothercare! 

#2 The buttons on the clothing are quite fiddly. So, when it’s nappy change time, it could potentially double the time taken to ‘freshen up’ baby. It also presents a huge danger to dads. We’re renowned for doing buttons up the wrong way, so increasing the numbers only increases the danger of getting all muddled up as usual! 

I would certainly recommend this company. They really do produce excellent quality, beautiful and top notch products. It’s well worth taking a look at their website.

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The official Dad Network star rating is: 5 stars

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