Pushchair Buying Guide: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

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Buying a pushchair is something that fills new parents with excitement and confusion at the same time. Excitement because it is a big milestone that denotes baby is on the way, and confusion because there is so much choice and so many factors to consider. 

To help you through this testing time, here is the Dadsnet pram buying guide to point you in the right direction as you head into parenthood. 

What Type of Pram Do I Need? 

The first problem you need to solve is to do with the type of pram that you need. For a newborn baby, you require something that allows them to lie flat on their back. This means that there should be a carry cot attachment, or at least a lie flat seat. Baby needs to use this until at least six months, after which you can sit them up. 

The reason babies need to lie flat is all to do with their development and growth. If they are doubled up, it can affect the way they breath and harm the health of their lungs. You will usually find that you can use the same pushchair frame to fit both the lie flat attachment and the upright seat they will use after they pass six-months-old.   

A travel system also includes a detachable car seat that you can use to seamlessly transfer the child from the car to the pram. At least that’s the theory. It depends a lot on how deeply your baby sleeps. 

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What Features Do I Need? 

The features you need from your new pram very much depend on your intended use. If you live in a rural area, you are more likely to take the pushchair off road. With this in mind, look out for prams with all-terrain wheels and other features such as suspension. For those in more urban areas, lighter prams might be more suitable, helping you negotiate the busy streets, steps and cramped shops and cafes. The ability to quickly and efficiently fold the pram down also helps when you take public transport. 

Size is also a consideration. Will the folded down pram fit in the boot of your car? It is surprising how many people do not think about this and then find themselves having to take wheels off every time they travel in order to squeeze everything in. Measure the doorways and other spaces in your home through which the pram will have to fit, and make sure that the pram feels comfortable to push before you buy. If you are tall, you need the extendable handle to allow you enough room to walk behind the pram without constantly kicking it! 

How Much Should I Spend on a New Pushchair?

There is no ideal price to spend on a new pram. The most important thing is to find the most suitable model for your needs that fits within your budget. You can pay anything from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds, but higher price doesn’t always equal better quality. Research the brands that you are interested in using consumer sites such as Which? and try and test the prams in the flesh, even if you intend to eventually buy online. That way you get a better idea as to whether it suits your needs. 

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Also, if you can find a package that includes the carrycot and the seat for when they are bigger, that will save you from shelling out a whole load more money in half a year’s time. 

Do I Need Any Pushchair Accessories? 

Check the accessories that come with the pram that you buy. It will likely have most of the items that you need. However, if it doesn’t come with a rain cover, that is a must-buy before you start using the pushchair. This is Britain, after all. On the rare occasion that there is sun, a parasol or UV sunshade are also needed to protect your child. 

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There are plenty of accessories for keeping baby warm in the pram, such as fleece linings and footmuffs too. In addition, you can buy gloves that attach onto the handle and which you can slip your hands in and out of easily to keep you warm too. 

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